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We are actively recruiting for riders and controllers - join our team and help support your NHS.

Rewarding & Fun

For us all, being a Derbyshire Blood Bikes volunteer can be hard, very demanding with long days in the saddle for the riders or sitting in front of a computer for the controllers, but it is extremely rewarding.  

You will be doing lots of good and will be part of our 100 plus team of volunteers. It really is great fun.

Whatever your role we ask our volunteers to:

Help us fund-raise

As we are 100% funded by donations we all need to do our bit by attending events and other fund-raising activities.

Be a friendly voice

You’ll be meeting lots of people while on shift or fund-raising. As a representative of the charity it’s important we are helpful, friendly and approachable.

Commit to monthly shifts

We are a 24/7, 365 days a year service so we all have to share the cover of day, night and weekend shifts.

Full Training Provided

As we are dealing with medical equipment, samples and other sensitive items there are processes and procedures we all need to follow.

We’ll provide you with full training during which you’ll shadow an experienced member of the team.


Our riders collect and deliver items in all weathers. Due to weather or the volume of packages we sometimes use cars as well as our fleet of motorbikes.

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Without our dedicated controllers we wouldn’t be able to do very much at all. Controllers do just that – they take calls and dispatch riders to where they are needed.

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Ride A Blood Bike

Riding a Blood Bike is rewarding and hugely enjoyable. However it can be very demanding riding in all weathers and long days in the saddle.

Before you apply please read through the following requirements to make sure that you qualify and feel that being a Blood Biker is for you.

Minimum Requirements

A full bike license

A Category A licence held for more than 2 years

An Advanced Riding Qualification

IAM, RoSPA or Police qualification

Aged between 30 and 70

No more than 3 penalty points

Zero fault insurance claims in the last 5 years

Ride with a purpose

Being a Blood Biker is more than just riding a motorcycle. As a courier of medical items, sometimes urgent, you need to follow protocols and procedures to ensure your consignments arrive safely. We’ll provide full training and mentorship to help you learn and build confidence.

Please note we don’t provide advanced rider training. You must obtain this qualification before joining us. Please contact your  local IAM or RoSPA group.

Quality riding gear is essential

We ride in all weathers rain or shine, hot or cold so you need to have good riding gear. In very cold weather motorcycles may be withdrawn from use so riders may be asked to use one of our cars.

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We are actively recruiting. If you meet our minimum requirements and would like to join or find out more, please get in touch.

Be A Controller

Controllers are essential to our service and you don’t need to be a biker or even a car driver. At a simple level our controllers take requests, prioritise and dispatch the riders.

It is a hugely rewarding role and you are very much part of the team delivering the service. Even though you will be volunteering from home you will still feel very much at the centre of it all!

You’ll need:

Good Communication Skills

A logical & organised approach to task handling

Access to a computer & phone

A good internet connection

Volunteer at home

Controllers ‘work’ from home and only need their own computer, phone and internet connection.

Full Training Given

If you have a logical and organised approach to handling tasks then being a controller is not as daunting as it may sound. We provide full training and mentorship – and the whole team is there to support you during your shift.

Get Started Today

We are actively recruiting. If you’d like to join or find out more, please get in touch.